Packs Sale

CashCow Game NFTs Packs:

  • Common Pack (Max 100k): 5 Common Cow + 1 Common Bull + 1 Land
  • Uncommon Pack (Max 10k): 5 Uncommon Cow + 1 Uncomon Bull + 1 Land
  • Rare Pack (Max 1500): 5 Rare Cow + 1 Rare Bull + 1 Land
NOTE: There won't be any Legendary nor Holy Packs. Legendary and Holy Cows and Bulls will be obtained only by breeding.
NOTE 2: Only 1 pack of each kind will be allowed per wallet address.


Eligibility to buy packs will be determined by the following whitelisting mechanism:
Common Packs: Only wallets that hold 1 $COW or more or Top 100k holders.
Uncommon Packs: Only top 10k $COW holders
Rare Packs: Only the top 1000 $COW holders or holding a CashCow Collectible NFT
Legendary CashCow Community Members (Belongs to top 100 $COW holders or holds a CashCow Genesis NFT) will recieve an additional free Uncommon Pack, apart from being whitelisted to buy all kinds of packs (1 per wallet).
Final whitelist will be settled 1 week before Packs Sale Launch.