This document is intended for any investor and/or cryptocurrency researcher/developer who wishes to understand the tokenomics and the philosophy behind the CashCow token.
In a world where new tokens are created non-stop on every blockchain, finding the right opportunities to invest in can be very difficult. Tokens like DOGE, SHIBA INU and SAFEMOON, with diverse value propositions, have struck the market with huge success due to their decentralized nature and the very fact that they are community driven tokens. Fiat money abandoned the gold standard back in 1976 and that has turned fiat into a belief system more than an actual valuable currency. Inflation has become a problem for all fiats, some even with exponential scale like the Venezuelan Bolivar or the Argentinian Peso where inflation ranges in multiple digits every year.
Fiat money has its value backed by the mere state that is behind them. There is only a handful of options that states use to finance themselves:
  • Taxing their people
  • Waging war and taking resources
  • Confiscating
  • Minting new money (and introducing inflation)
  • Acquiring debt (and taxing their people heavier)
The states no longer think about the long term or how to build a prosperous community, prosperous nations. These are not theories. These are actual strategies that all states have used one time or another. Now fiat money is continuously decreasing in value against cryptocurrency, whilst governments continue printing and use anything they have at hand for an excuse. Printing money makes people poor. Maybe not everyone sees the math behind this economic fact, but the one doing the talking today in the world is money itself. And money goes where it is most appreciated.


CashCow is our proposal to demonstrate that value is given by the people, by the community and by people who run the project forward. The success of CashCow should not be measured in its price, but in the possibility that it can prove that a community together can drive and create a real asset out of thin air. This is the magic of cryptocurrency and the reason we are building CashCow. Our admin team, our telegram, our social media, our website. Everything is driven by the community, not by a centralized committee.


CashCow tokenomics are based on proven community driven economics from SHIBA INU and SAFEMOON but have a different take on how to escalate properly in the long run. CashCow has a very limited max supply of 2M tokens. The circulating supply, however, is constantly reduced the more transactions occur in the blockchain. For every transaction performed with CashCow the following occurs:
  • 4% of the transaction is redistributed to holders.
  • 4% of the transaction is automatically added to liquidity.
  • 2% of the transaction is used for marketing and development.


10% of max supply is allocated to the Marketing & Dev funds, which are used to perform several activities that are required for any token to thrive in the jungle of crypto:
  • Airdrops to our ambassadors
  • Web design and hosting
  • Centralized Marketing
  • Decentralized Marketing
  • Rewards for community competitions
  • Additional burns
  • Roadmap Development
The Marketing & Dev Funds wallet is the only way that the team behind CashCow can continue pushing CashCow to higher highs and greater market capitalization. This wallet has started with static funds which will be sold gradually to fund the before-mentioned activities, but the team is also aware that funds must not be sold too quickly so that the price won’t be impacted. Additionally, once the CashCow token has taken off, the Marketing & Dev Funds wallet could potentially be partially burned, as its funds could be too massive. And yet, that burn itself would pump the price immediately which would basically redistribute the capital gains between all holders


One of the main features of CashCow is the redistribution of tokens for every transaction performed, whether it is a Buy or a Sell. 4% of every transaction is redistributed among all token holders. Depending on the number of tokens you hold, you get your cut from this 4%. This is a constant process that occurs in real time so you will see your Cash Cow income increase automatically. This is the way passive income is generated with CashCow. CashCow bags will increase while you sleep. As 50% of the total supply will be burned at launch, the Burn Address will always be the biggest $COW holder, and this is how $COW tokens get burnt with every transaction.


As we have mentioned before, 2% of the transaction amount is also automatically sent to the marketing treasury wallet address. The more transactions are performed, the more tokens are sent to the marketing and dev wallet. This means that the greater the adoption of CashCow in the market, the faster the token price will appreciate. This is pivotal to all community driven tokens. The members called holders or HODLERS are the community members that buy the token and decide to keep it regardless of the market volatility. While some short opportunities can be missed (sell higher to buy again in lower prices), it ensures them that no matter what their funds will get stronger. If the treasury gets to big the community can vote on funds to be burned from the marketing & development wallet.


This might not seem like a great marketing bullet point for many, it is one of the most important points in CashCow and why its percentage is 4%. Liquidity ensures the investors that there will be money to withdraw (to convert to) when they decide to sell CashCow back to BNB or the token of their choice. Without liquidity a transaction cannot occur, even if the token has a price. CashCow runs on the decentralized blockchain of Binance Smart Chain which we will discuss briefly, but this also means that the way to buy and sell is through market price. This is purely calculated by Offer and Demand. Once CashCow eventually gets listed into centralized exchanges, then parallel markets will begin and the volume of transactions will run the price. CashCow will have different yet virtually similar prices in every market. At first, the only market you can buy or sell CashCow at is the biggest one of them, the decentralized market in BSC. A CashCow bought in an exchange can then be withdrawn to your BSC wallet and then sold at market price. Liquidity is build up constantly through every transaction, ensuring investors that their funds are safe.


The team behind CashCow wishes to stay anonymous since this is a community driven project. Everything is 100% transparent and can be found in our smart contract on the blockchain. We removed all functions that could change percentages or numbers to ensure the project is and stays as described in the whitepaper. For flexibility purposes we added a function to set a new router address for Pancake Swap or any other Dex so we can move to a new liquidity pool if needed to ensure the longevity of the project. This is an actual improvement compared to SafeMoon which is hardcoded with PancakeSwap Router v1.


There are many options for deploying and maintaining a cryptocurrency token nowadays. We have chosen the Binance Smart Chain for many reasons:
  • Very low transaction fees.
  • Almost immediate execution times.
  • BSC is run by the biggest investor in cryptocurrency, Binance.
  • There are not many strong meme coin running in BSC.


The marketing and treasury will be used for marketing, growing our ecosystem and development. The steps for this project will be:
  • CashCow Token
  • CashCow Staking
  • Milk Token
  • CashCow NFTs
  • CashCow Farm P2E Game


CashCow is here to prove that a community driven economy can reach newer levels and become an alternative for nowadays fiat currencies. It is also here to prove itself against other cryptocurrency offers (many of them quite valuable) and offer something different. CashCow, being an automatic liquidity community driven asset with reflective economics, immediately becomes a specific use case within the sea of options that populate the blockchain. Developing CashCow, building a roadmap, partnerships, listing in decentralized and centralized exchanges, listing in decentralized information brokers, and so on, are simply the very first start. The same way DOGE, SHIBA INU and SAFEMOON have developed their use cases through their community, we will offer an alternative. While many expect to simply moon and reach higher prices, CashCow will be turning into the next level of DeFi-enabled decentralized scarce asset in a world plagued with tokens with quadrillion decimals and unclear practices. Are you ready to hold to our vision?