Introducing CashCow

CashCow Definition

Lets start by defining what a Cash Cow is, so that we all understand the term:
Cash cow, in business jargon, is a venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire or start it. Many businesses attempt to create or acquire such ventures, since they can be used to boost a company's overall income and to support less profitable endeavors
Cash cow

🐮 CashCow Protocol - Earn By Just Holding 🐄

CashCow Protocol is a community driven project with the vision of creating an NFT based Play to Earn Blockchain Game.
Protocol development roadmap includes the following features:
  • CashCow Token
  • CashCow Staking
  • Milk Token
  • CashCow NFTs
  • CashCow Farm P2E Game

CashCow Token - $COW

CashCow Token is a fairly launched hyper-deflationary DeFi Token. Simply hodl $COW tokens in your wallet and you will get more. Earning Crypto Was Never This Simple.

Launched on July 31st

  • 2M Max Supply
  • 50% Supply Burned at Launch
  • Liquidity Locked

10% Tx Fee:

  • 4% Automatic Liquidity
  • 4% Redistribution
  • 2% Marketing and Development

Anti-Whale Measures (Max Tx Amount 50.000 $COW)